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Mark boucher the hedge fund edge

Secular themes and trends are yet another area that investors must watch to understand long-term investment potential.   We constantly look for major shifts and themes that will take years or even decades to be played out. We then note the companies that are benefiting from these trends. When they begin showing explosive growth in earnings, our analysis is confirmed. We buy them, in most cases, when they meet our

Insider trading strategy performance

        Does It Work on the Short Side? Insider sales are less likely to be driven by private information. As the stock- and options-based compensation methods became widespread,      

Earnings estimate revision and earnings surprise

It doesn’t matter how big the company is—be it ExxonMobil or Mr. Hooper’s corner grocery store—or whether it is public. The only thing that ultimately determines how much a company is worth is what it earns for its shareholders.   The reason earnings per share (EPS) are so important for publicly traded companies is because earnings serve as a proxy for what a stock can potentially deliver each quarter as

How to trade biotechs profitably

In recent market rally, the biotechs have seen some major moves. Many of the drugs and biotechs related stocks have seen 300% plus moves in compressed time frame.  This has attracted lot of investors and traders to focus on them. The biotechs have a unique trading pattern. Understanding how a specific industry trades can provide you with an edge. Most of these stocks have no sales, no earnings and when

Stockbee on trading Episodic Pivots

My process flow for Episodic Pivots (EP) Analyse all after hours movers up 4% plus on 50k volume to see if there is stock with neglect+ game changing earningsPre market Run IB scanner to find stock up on 50k plus volume and up at least 2% . See if there is stock with neglect+ game changing earnings During the day Run EP scan c/c1>1.04 and v>3*avgv50.1 and v>=300000 multiple times

A Systematic Earnings Revision Model To Help In Your Stock Picking Process

A Systematic Earnings Revision Model To Help In Your Stock Picking Process On, we run 22 public facing models. Most of the models are a combination of fundamental factors, combining measures like profitability, valuation, cash flows, levels of debt, relative valuation, price strength and other factors that indicate the health of a company and attractiveness of a stock. However, there is a small group of models we run that


Do Analyst Estimate Revisions (Still) Help Forecast Relative Stock Returns?   15 January 2023 Some of the common questions among fund managers who are looking at Mill Street’s stock selection and asset allocation tools are on the topic of whether using analyst estimate revisions metrics for stock return forecasting is useful: “Do analyst estimates really matter for stocks nowadays? “ “Aren’t equity analysts always conflicted, and late in capturing news about

Momentum stocks parameter

Thomas Carr: 3 Keys To Momentum Trading     Notes on Momentum stocks parameter         Adding P/S < 1.0 parameter   Adding Earnings Revisions >5% parameter % Change Q1 Estimates over 4 weeks > 0 This means we’re looking for positive current quarter estimate revisions over the last 4 weeks.     Adding Broker ratings parameter % Broker Rating Change over 4 Weeks = Top #5 Top

Jeff Sun’s method and flow

1. Date (Why it is 1-Day after the Market Close) As most of you are aware, I am a Singaporean trader who primarily operates within the Asia Pacific time zone, even when I frequently travel on short-haul flights. It’s worth noting that, like many others, I have regular sleeping patterns even while trading the US market. Therefore, when I wake up, my first task is to prepare my market diary,