Mark boucher the hedge fund edge

Secular themes and trends are yet another area that investors must watch to understand long-term investment potential.   We constantly look for major shifts and

How to trade biotechs profitably

In recent market rally, the biotechs have seen some major moves. Many of the drugs and biotechs related stocks have seen 300% plus moves in

Stockbee on trading Episodic Pivots

My process flow for Episodic Pivots (EP) Analyse all after hours movers up 4% plus on 50k volume to see if there is stock with

Momentum stocks parameter

Thomas Carr: 3 Keys To Momentum Trading     Notes on Momentum stocks parameter         Adding P/S < 1.0 parameter   Adding

Jeff Sun’s method and flow

1. Date (Why it is 1-Day after the Market Close) As most of you are aware, I am a Singaporean trader who primarily operates within